Fat Hippo Design Group Ltd

The Fat Hippo

The Fat Hippo Design Group Limited has been 10 years in the making, from when Martin and Nathan first met in South Africa. The concept is to use the best in technology along with a like minded group of talented people with a desire to achieve excellence in design. The Internet allows the use of specialist resources spread over the world co-ordinated by Martin and Nathan to provide professional cost effective solutions for all your design requirements. And the million dollar question, why “Fat Hippo”? We wanted a representative brand, that was as eye catching as our designs, but with a touch of our ever present humour.


Martin Gvardijancic

Growing up in Africa, Martin studied architecture in Slovenia, going on to work designing large commercial centres before travelling extensively and settling down for a while in Queenstown, NZ. Martin quickly developed a passion for the distinctive styles of Central Otago, along with a sound knowledge of the NZ Building Code. After running the European branch for a while in Slovenia, Martin is now back in New Zealand.


Nathan Shearing

Nathan grew up in Southland NZ, and was formally trained in Engineering, and Architecture locally before heading to Auckland to follow his passions of Design and Sailing. As the work and sailing expanded to locations in Asia he developed an interest in travel. This lead to a one year trip around the world that lasted 4 years based mainly in Ireland with a great deal of travel. Nathan returned to NZ in 2001 with his Irish wife, Jennifer and first worked as partner in an Engineering and Architectural office for 5 years, before setting up the Fat Hippo Design Group Ltd with Martin in 2006.